The sweet nothings….

I have always found it difficult to believe that people would be interested in the things I have to say… so blogging is a big challenge.
But “thingism” is also about the sweet “nothings” of life….


The new year is all about resolutions and challenging oneself to get out of the comfert zone. Here are some of mine:
1. Create new memories every month. I am a home body by nature. I tend to surround myself with the things I love and can be perfectly happy for days on end…. but this year I hope to become more outgoing and make every month memorable with something special and challenging.
2. Be more creative about my space and time. As someone who had been working fulltime before motherhood I spent very little time at home. This meant that on most days I would end up treating my house like a hotel and not bother about it too much. But as I am now  spending more time home I see all its potential. This is my journey to making my house my home…
3. Have a relationship with myself. The only relation I have with myself is shoes. I am the kind of person that buys 1 pair every month. But since I moved city and got pregnant I started letting go of myself. Now that I am 30 and a mother I find myself lacking the energy to do anything for myself. I feel spent , like there is nothing more to give…. The only way that can  change is by falling in love with myself again.  So 1 day a week will be left only for pampering and letting go so I can be in a relationship with myself.

Hopefully achieveing all this is not going to be as exhaustive as putting them down in black and white…


Have you challenged yourself lately?

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