What a break…

These past couple of weeks have been quite busy. Between family and outings I have had no idea where the month of_MG_3751 March and April went.



But I have no reasons to complain because its been an absolute blast. Other than the fact that I was spoilt rotten by family for my birthday (got a new laptop and had one of the best chocolates I have ever had among other things) I actually went for my first vacation in almost 2 years. I would love to say that I went to some exotic country when I say vacation but the truth of the matter is that I went to visit my parents. I was with them for the whole of 5 days :). Most of our time was spent catching up with family and friends and like any Indian family there were some customs and rituals that were fulfilled.



But everyday when we all sat for dinner and discussed the days events I felt like I was home. I don’t think there could be a better was to start going on vacations again.

Hoping to post more vacation/travel updates… When did you take your last vacation?? Where did you go?




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