Recharge 101

_MG_2869So I have come to realise that “Super MOM” is only a mythical character. I try and keep reminding myself that it is only an illusion  when you see those moms in the grocery stores with beautifully painted nails and uncomfortably high heeled shoes fluttering around going about business…How is it that I feel like time is escaping me all the time and I m so far behind…

But along the way I have also realised that one has to hit the pause button, Recharge and Reset

Some of the simple ways I recharge are

1. Window shopping on the internet… I can spend hours on end looking at all the deals online and adding multiple shoes/ bags /makeup/ stationary to my cart on I am not sure how this is very relaxing to me but in the dead of the night when everyone is sleeping I am shopping.

2. Depending on how the morning unfolds I have anywhere between 5seconds to half an hour to get ready. So spending time on doing a whole lot is only a luxury. But having an organised closet and knowing what all products work for me for when I hide the dark circles under my eyes is time that I feel I have spent in recharging myself.

3. I am a visual person so my Instagram feed is one if the biggest stress busters that I fall back on all through the day. That top right corner button is throughly used and sometimes abused.


I don’t expect to find the time to recharge all the time but the best and instant Recharge and Reset button for me is when my daughter hugs me tight and giggles or when I meet my puppies even if it has been 5 seconds and they greet me like they have not seen me in ages.

How do you recharge??


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