Project Green Thumb

It takes a lot of effort to make a rented house feel like home. I have slowly been working towards getting our home feel more homely.

One of the ways I want to make that happen is to start gardening and have a tiny little green terrace of my own.

IMG-20140408-WA0002_Fotor_Collage_FotorMy biggest inspiration for this is my mom. When I was moving to Mumbai I had to let go of all my plants. I sent them over to her house and she keeps sharing updates with me of how they are. Is it just me or do those plants look just gorgeous.

I have also realised that gardening is one of the best ways to learn and practice Mindfullness and not be a scatter brain trying to achieve 10 things at one time.

Now for me to share what I am starting with is a little embarrassing but its also my way of keeping track of my progress.




Do you have a green thumb?


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