Marry Me! The Store

With my daughter settling down in a routine it is becoming more easy for us as a family to go out and explore Mumbai.DSCN1883

This weekend my mission was to find me some Havaianas for the summers. There are not many authorised sellers here in India and even less in Mumbai.

On the official site they have mentioned Candies, Pali Hill. With my mission in hand we ventured out.

Once we reached there we made out way to the first floor and were welcome be this quaint store called Marry Me!

I felt like I had walked into my “For the Home” Pinterest  board. Its is a world away from the typical Indian decor stores, very Parisian Chic. It’s the kind of place where a person like me would go crazy and ask the person behind the counter and say “Bill me one of each PLEase!!”, may it be boxes or jewellery or the tiny nick-nacks. Coming back to my mission for the day I would say they did not have the best of selection when it came Havaianas.

Pictures are from the company website and not clicked by me. Photography is not allowed in the store.

But the rest of the store was so pretty and cute that there was absolutely no reason to complain. Between the rustic sewing machine table for jewellery display to the while furniture that let the products on it tell their own story… its was just too bloody cute. This store has completely inspired me to rethink my home decor. I really do want one of everything. The above picture does not do any justice to the store. My advice is the one should visit the store for the experience.

However we did not walk out of the store empty-handed. We did go to the lady behind the counter and ask her for one of each of the SOS Organics Soaps. Happy to have A Few More Good Friends.

Pyramid of soaps


Do you have any stores like this around you?? Any other stores like this in Mumbai?? Do tell!!

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