Fridays Five Favourite

Where did the week go?? I just can not wrap my brains around the fact that its almost the end of May.

Where is this year going? Someone please press the play button because my life seems to be moving in fast forward.

Everytime I sit down to write this post I find it so difficult to pick just 5 things that I want to talk about. But this week has been all about taking pictures. So here we go :

1. Project green thumb is going really well. I am really pleased with the progress so far because all the plants are responding so well. Its funny how just 10 minutes in a day can be so well received. With seeing such a quick response from being mindful in this one project I have realised I need to bring it to other spheres of my life too..



Do you think I am ready for some new additions to this tiny garden family of mine??

2. The monsoons will soon be here. We need some respite from the heat so I can not wait. In the mean time we have been getting some beautiful sky.

Mumbai monsoon

3. My puppies (the youngest is 6yrs old but I still call them puppies) have been having a hard time in the heat and bath time is the best way to cool them off. I had to take these shots of their happy faces right after bath and dinner time.


4. We were at the beach recently and we took what I can only call a Family Selfie.


5. Recently I got my hands on a Cannon D600 with a 50mm lens. I have been practicing around the house all week. I can not wait to print a few pictures and hang them around the house…


How has your week been??  Is it mango season where you are?? We have been enjoying them for dinner for the entire week….

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