Fridays Five Favourites

Its been hectic these past few weeks. Miss Z first birthday is coming. I am anxious. But for now here are my favourites.

1.  Miss Z has adjusted to her car seat rather well. It took us a whole 2 hours to fix it, baby safety products always make me feel like rocket science must be easier… But now we can actually go for long drives on the highway. Its going to be fun once the winters are here and we start exploring the city some more.Talkingbaby


2. For Mr P birthday on the 2nd of June we indulged ourselves with a Staycation at Taj, Lands End. It was a surprise and I have a feeling I managed to knock his socks off… It was a very luxurious experience. and I will write a post about it soon.Staycation

3.  Having stolen all my sister’s shorts I finally went shopping for some tops and found these 2 really cute ones. I cannot wait to wear them and hopefully find some more. The third item is a pair of boxers from A&F that I just could not resist, they have cycles on them.IMG-20140511-WA0006

4.  With an eleven month old who loves to explore, painting my nails was fast becoming a far away fantasy. But I managed it and now being able to take them off before they start to look like some disease on my nails is becoming a fantasy. But then I have it on record that I happened.



5. I am a coffee drinker. And I have found my favourite cup. I mean do I really have to explain the point I am trying to make here. Really??!!




Well I hope your week is also as crazy busy as mine and you also find a few favourites along the way…



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