Sri Lanka – Amaya Lake Resort (Part1)

I am sure that most brides would agree that by the time the wedding day arrives one is tiredSONY DSC of pleasing everyone. I still remember that on the last day before all the ceremonies were done, all I could think about was our honeymoon. We Went on a 10 day trip of Sri Lanka. I think its safe to say that that those 10 days were the best trip I have taken thus far.


We started our trip in Amaya Lake Resort. This was 4 hour drive from Columbo. We had already spent our entire day in the airport and in flights. We did not really pay attention to the scenery around us. All we really  wanted was a good bath and a soft pillow to sleep on.


The next morning  I was blown away by what I saw..


Lake Amaya – The view from the resort


I could not remember one reason as to why I was stressed before I got there.

Lake Amaya – Clear Sky

Amaya Lake – Picture perfect


Lake Amaya – Panorama


Amaya Lake Resort

Amaya for me will always hold a special place in my heart. It is the place where I recognised my relation with the man I want to grow old with.

Have you found your special place where you discovered yourself??


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