If you live in Mumbai then you know that the beginning of August means 2 things, Ganesh Utsav and the rains. Well Mr Ganesh is not here yet but the rains are definitely keeping all Mumbaikers (citizens of Mumbai) occupied.

IMG_1075This also means wearing the most functional shoes. When I think functional I also think ugly… but this time I nabbed the best functional everyday all-be-it flat shoes from Aldo. They are strapy & studded and comfortable… Enough said.  


My daughter is also starting to learn how to walk. And I can not wait to dress those chubby feet in the most fancy shoes in town.

thingismI have to say that Mumbai is not a city for everyone but every monsoon I find myself falling in love with it just that little bit more. There is very little that can beat some of the views in this city.

thingismI also love the monsoon season for all the amazing discounts/sales. But shopping can also be very exhausting. One can only be ‘happy tired’ after sale shopping not ‘tired’ tired. Queue “Happy Tired Face”.

thingismI can not wait for Ganesh Utsav to start now.

What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks??

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