August, Dear August, you have been wonderful. 

We were able to travel and meet our grandparents this month and it was an absolute treat. I did post a Kolkata Diary with some memories from the trip.

And while I was in the flight I could not resist clicking the clouds. 



One of the many things that we bought in Kolkata was a beautiful jar. We saw it on display at  Chamba Lama, New Market. The colours on it are beautiful. And it adds just a beautiful pop of colour in the room.



Of course August is also the month of sales, which in turn has filled my phone memory with countless trial room selfies.



On one of the many visits to the mall these past few days I went into Mother Earth and fell in love with the blue crockery they had on sale. Al though there was no need for more in the house I could not resist. 


Now for the rest of the month I will put on my glasses and ignore all calls from my therapist (the retail kind).


What do you think of my glasses?? Do you think these will help me stay away from the stores??

Hope you are having just as wonderful a time. 


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