Since becoming a mother I have really felt that its very easy for the world to shrink and be limited to just a mother and her child. Many a times I was completely clueless about so many events that were taking place because I was completely occupied with my daughter. I then had to take the help of my smart phone to stay connected. I downloaded some apps that slowly became my lifeline and connection to the real world. 

So you can imagine my misery when I managed to shatter the screen.

Friday5 All is well and good now that the screen has been repaired. 

Yes that is a favourite for this week. It has made me appreciate my phone and also oddly enough my time with my family more.

I don’t keep looking at my phone all the time and have had some very meaningful conversations instead.

With no phone in hand I had to take my camera along to all places and was able to capture Mumbai in its fullest monsoon glory.


Also we went to a new part of the city, Powai. And I found that its one of the most scenic part of the city I have seen thus far.

friday4 With the monsoons in full swing here in Mumbai I see many cats just huddled up in one corner. This one cat let me get just close enough to click it in all its cuteness. friday2I hope you have had just as interesting a week as I have. And I hope you also have a few meaningful conversations without the added expenses of a broken phone.friday3


What the most scenic part in your town?? 




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