Liebster Award

I could not believe it when Jess from nominated me for the Liebster Award. Both of us have an interest in fashion and I think she has an absolutely charming sense of style. Thank you so much Jess, like I said you made my day.

liebster award

The rules for this award are:

1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer all 11 questions given from the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers and give them questions of your own.
4. Do not nominate the person who nominated you.
5. Let your nominees know that you nominated them.

Jess had 11 questions she wanted me to answer so here goes :

1. Do you have a favourite fashion blogger or Youtuber of the moment?

Among the bloggers I have really been enjoying Marianna from lately. She has an effortlessly put-together feel which I hope to be able to emulate someday. And on youtube I have really been enjoying Alex from Fashionfilth… 

2. Which brands do you shop from the most?

 None in particular.

3. Forever 21 or Goodwill? 

 Goodwill any day…

4. In a year from now, where do you see yourself with your fashion blog?

I hope to have grown in terms of content meaning better quality information and pictures (I am a visual person).

5. Do you subscribe to any online/paper magazines? 

Nope. I only collect the March and September issues. 🙂

6. Is fashion an outlet or a career for you? 

An outlet as of now… 🙂

7. What is your current favourite fall trend? 

We don’t really have the fall season here in Mumbai but I am really looking forward to layering…

8. What is your proudest accomplishment (that is related to your fashion blog)? 

Sticking to it thus far… Its so easy to just give up but I am adamant to not give up and stay motivated and keep pushing.

9.  Who is your style crush? 

Alex from Fashionfilth.

10. Which country would you live in if you could pick anywhere you wanted?

I would love to move to any city/country in the world  that has beautiful architecture.


My questions are :

  1. Are you someone who likes to follow trends or do you like to break the rules and stand out? 
  2. Name one famous character that you can relate to.. film, real, disney character….
  3. What is your favourite app on your phone?
  4. How often do you pamper yourself? 
  5. What is your favourite beverage?
  6. What is that one product you can’t live without when you are travelling?
  7. What is that one product you can’t live without for a night out?
  8. Tell us your worst Pet peeve??
  9. What is the story behind your blogs name?
  10. What is your most reached for item in your closet?
  11. What is the least amour of time you need to get ready?

And the nominees are

Can’t wait to read your responses…

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