I have been MIA and for that I am Sorry….

Its been a hectic few days with festival season just round the corner and travel on the cards.

butterfly season

I have really been enjoying the changing season and especially the fact that its butterfly season round here. It does mean that we have some crazy creepy caterpillars also in our back yard but its all worth it in the end with these magical creatures.


Movie night is one of my favourite ways to spend some quality time with my husband and it was an absolute treat watching Grand Budapest Hotel. Its a classic in my books.


Washing is not one of my favourite chore but freshly washed lenin is a sight for sore eyes.


October marks the beginning of the colder months and deserts are the most comforting form of indulgence. Who can say no to red-velvet cake with white chocolate in a jar.


What can keep you better company when you are indulging than the September issues.

Just writing this post has taken me to such a good happy place…

What movie have you seen lately?? Any recommendations?


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