I have always been in awe of the beautiful pictures of fall that I see all around the web at this time of the year…. so when I saw this I knew that it would probably be my one and only chance to click such a scene… of course a few people did the double take once they saw me taking pictures of a gutter full of leaves… Such is the life of a photographer…


Its the last week before December which means that Christmas season is finally here… so when I spotted this pair of earrings I knew I had to get them and wear them all month long…


While going through some old vacation pictures I came across this beauty… I am not sure who took this picture but it sure is stunning…


I have been trying my hand at tiltshift photography and haven’t quite got it. There have been some happy mistakes though along the way…


I am not sure if a whole lot of people feel like this but the end of the year always bring along this sense of sadness… I find myself reflecting on all that has happened the past year… things I should have done, places I should have seen, memories I could have made…


Do you look back at what happened? Do you also let yourself dwell a little on the “could-haves” and “would-haves” of the year past??

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  1. The could haves and would haves list is a rather long one this year for me ! Wringing in the new is always comforting but letting go of the past and having no regrets at all …..tall order !!
    PS – loved the first pic- the gutter full of leaves….

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