The little one is going to play school now. It has been a bitter sweet experience to be honest. Since they are first timers and have not really stayed away from their primary caregiver for too long the process of separation started with just 30 minutes of class slowly progressing to 2 hours. I am not really sure if this idea of taking it slow is for the children to adjust or for the parents.

But now that I have this extra time on my hands I have been able to take up some small projects.

I have mentioned Project green thumb earlier, but only now do I feel and find myself being able to dedicate my time to it.


But it does not take a long time for the efforts to start showing.

With the new year there are always a lot of people making goals about getting more organised. And with the wish to get organised comes a lot of organiser/planner madness. I am not quite sold on the idea of having a planner because I feel like I will need to add another task of writing things down to my never ending list of tasks to do. But I also saw a lot of scrapbooking ideas and lets just say its a fancier for of stationary addiction.


And since we are on the topic of addiction I thought it was high time to update my shoe organising situation. I ordered a shoe rack from and as is the case with online shopping it turned out to be a substandard rack that fell apart before it was even fully assembled. A complete disappointment!


So how has your week been this time around?

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