Retail Spree

Every once in a while I find an interesting product online that I add to my cart… While it sits for maybe for a couple of days I try not to think about it because lets face it… I don’t really need it. But there are those times when I am unable to get it out of my head and it finds its way into my credit card bill…

On one such occasion I came across a Bag Holder on Amazon … Fancy I though… but after trying to not think about it, it did end up being part of my checkout list…


It comes in a beautiful vintage rose painting embossed in plastic with that arm kind of extension thats wrapped around the said plastic embossed rose and you can open it up  to hang your bag when you want to use it. Thankfully it comes in its own plastic case which makes it easy to store and in my case easy to find in the bottom of my bag.


To my surprise this very delicate thing can hold the weight of a laptop bag.


I am so glad I found it. And I have a feeling that most of my friends and family maybe receiving this part of their Birthday Gifts this year.

Whats been your recent most impulsive purchase??  Would you like for me to share more of these Retail Sprees??

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