I lie… its not Friday, its Saturday… But I think this post will explain that.

We had guests all of last week and it was amazing how I was able to become a tourist in my own city. Mumbai has some of the most beautiful architecture. With the sea breeze and the amazing sunsets its hard not to fall in love.

1All that walking around with the family meant tired feet. I had to get a foot massage and pedicure. It is after all season for flip flops and flats.


When there are guests there is a lot of food and eating out.. I am now 4kgs heavies than when the week began (Sigh).


Of course like a very dedicated Fashion Blogger (NOT, I m being sarcastic) I did pose for some posts.


And the reason why I am posting on Saturday and not Friday is that I was having a Tea party with Miss Z all of last evening. And a Tea Party can be very exhausting with a 2yr old.


How did you spend your Friday night? I bet it was not as tiring as mine.

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