I feel like this whole week has been only about summers. From summer shoes to online shopping.

On Mothers day my daughter surprised me with a new pair of summer shoes. What really happened was that we were at the mall and when we entered Promod she just started trying on all the shoes and would not let go of this specific pair. So it was her way of choosing these shoes for me (wink-wink).


And for the days that I don’t want to leave the house I spend way to much of time looking at online stores. One that I have been particularly excited about is


I have to say that I was really surprised  at how fast the products were delivered to me (Within 2 days of placing the order) and I was really happy with the quality of the packaging. Its one of the best services I have found so far and I have experimented with a few.

Summers also means Mango season. I have especially been enjoying all the special menu options on all the local restaurants that we frequent. Mango Cheese Cake is by far one of the best things invented.


Coffee and Summers don’t really mix together. Summers is all about Tea. And not just any tea its all about special flavoured tea.


Some of the highlights have been the Pukka and Te-A-Me brand teas. I really wanted to try it because of the packaging but when Allison Anderson also raved about it I could not help but haul all the flavours I could get my hands on.

Have you tried any new tea flavours lately?

I hope you are also enjoying your summers as much as I am.

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