I know its Sunday now but we had a crazy Friday night at our house.

This past week I must say has been full of surprises. I sometimes have to pinch myself to believe how blessed I am.

My Mom from her trip from the States got me the most beautiful Tiffany diamond studs. I really could not believe it when I first saw them. I have not taken them off ever since I got them.


I have being eyeing a Polaroid camera for a long time. I love the experience of having an actual picture when you take one. What I really enjoy is the subtle difference in all the picture.1

I love decorating my house with small trinkets. This Sun catcher was the perfect addition to my collection. I can not wait to find the perfect place for it.


I love it when technology can reinvent something traditional and put a completely new spin on it. Escentric molecule is one such interesting concept where perfume is made from just one molecule and its nature is such that it smells different on everyone. On me this perfume smells fruity but on my sister its floral.


One of my really reached for app on my phone is Instagram. I love capturing moments right when they happen  and sharing them.


I would love to know your Instagram handle and follow you there so please do let me know below….

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