Retail Spree

Its not often I find a product that blows my mind. The last time I did such a post it was back in February about a Bag Holder…..

Only recently I found something that just made me want it immediately and share at once….

Last weekend I came across the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried. Skechers are one of the most popular shoes for working out but they also have a range thats for everyday wear. The colours are neutral so they go with everything.

shoesFor someone like me who does not like sport shoes buying these was a big step. I have always found sport shoes are very bulky and unflattering. But these are the most sleek looking shoes and don’t make my feet look like goofy’s feet.

I have been reaching for them everyday. They are very cushy and have an amazing grip for all surfaces. They are the best Mommy friendly shoes I have come across ever.

I cannot believe that they are on sale on Amazon right now..


  1. I agree Chotu.

    I have a pair of shoes from sketchers and i use them for walking everyday for the past 1 year. And i love them . They are so light compared to other sports shoes.

    Archana >

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