Its been a busy week…a good busy week…

I love exploring the city I live in… and I think that Mumbai is one of those cities that has something new to offer all the time. If there is one passion that Mr. P and I share its food, especially the love for desserts…. So we are now on a mission to look for the best Panna Cotta in town… Any recommendations?


When I caught myself taking these pictures and saw the number of dessert pictures on my feed I knew I had to balance it out and start thinking healthy…


I only put half of that butter on my toasts.. thats healthy right??!


Wanting to be healthy can also be an excuse to buy shoes… right!!?? These are by far the best sport shoes I have ever used. Review here.

While we were out looking for the best Panna Cotta in town I was reminded how beautiful Mumbai really is…


I don’t think there are a lot of places that can compare.

I have also been spending time with my sister and redecorating my house… She really is the expert.. I am just the muscle moving things around. But its made me want to get more flower arrangements for around the house. They really do brighten up the room.


Like I said its been a Good Busy Week… And there is more planned.. šŸ™‚

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