A whole lot of Wishes…

I was caught staring at my screen for far to long without blinking…..


I was busy going through my Wishlist Bookmark folder on my phone..so had to share .. I have an entire folder dedicated to all the things that I have been lusting over.Seeing that Rakhi is just around the corner maybe this could help…

  1. I have always loved and enjoyed good stationary. It was the favourite part of starting a new session in school but in school I could only lust over the “fancy” stationary. Now I have a serious obsession with it and the brand that i find myself going back to all the time is October Design Solutions.


If I could I would buy one of each from their entire line and my house would look like a giant stationary store.

2. Continuing on the stationary theme another stationary store that I really enjoy is Monday Blues. They don’t have a lot on             the online store but I have seen their whole collection at Comic-Con Mumbai last year. i cannot wait for the next time I               catch them in an exhibition.


3.  At the risk of sounding slightly obsessed with whimsical things I always find something really interesting on the                            Chaklikala Facebook page. I love their fairy lights but most of all I love the children decor ideas. Its bright and cheerful                and can instantly put you in a good mood.


Whats on your Wishlist? Please do share below…

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