I really did not know what to expect at the Kumbh Mela. Of course you have the cliché outlook of a lot of people, a lot of walking and a lot of dirt. I had similar expectations. I did not really put a lot of thought into it. I just wanted to experience it and really form my own opinion.


Of course there were a lot of people. But not as many as I have seen at rush hour in Mumbai Local. Surprised.

DSC_0055I spotted the most fascinating religious stones that had magical powers. Some of the sellers were guaranteeing good health ,wealth, prosperity and all its synonyms . I did not pick any.    

The colours orange in shades I have never seen were being sold by the bulk.


There were some for who it was business as usual.


But mostly there were people who had made a long journey to worship the earth their god had walked.


And to be one with their belief and faith.

I was weary of typical God’s Men who come to a place like this. I did not see any…


Instead all the people who were dressed in Gerua Vastra were actually the most calm.


They were mostly smiling and seemed as peace with all the commotion. They all had this sense of spiritual wellbeing. They appeared weathered and tired but when you saw their eyes they had what can only be called peace in them.

To me this was definitely the most surprising part. I am not sure what I was expecting but having seen them “God’s Men” I realised that religion is just another means to be spiritual, a means to be closer to the higher powers that are and will always be.

In all the Something, Nothing and Everything of my life this experience was definitely one of the most meaningful.

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