A Coffee Snob in a Tea Room :: OOTD

Has it ever happened to you that your expectations are polar opposite to reality… It happens very often with me…

On this occasion it was all about coffee and tea…

We had been planning to go to The Tasting Room at Lower Parel for a while… I knew it was the cafe inside The Good Earth Store…Since it was a cafe I thought it would be a good place to wear a Picnic appropriate dress. Some thing easy and airy…


Lets keep in mind this was the first time I was going to the cafe and I though it would be typically like any cafe.


I felt like Alice for Alice in Wonderland… only I was not wearing a frilly white dress (I imagine thats what you wear for your tea time recital)… I suddenly felt the need to hide behind them tall bar stools… and take all the sights and sounds in…

The Tasting Room has one of the best interiors I have seen (No surprise there). It looks everything like a page from a fairy tale. The high ceilings, the chandeliers, the beautiful placements and the beautiful cutlery. Safe to say that its not just a cafe… The food especially the Smoked Salmon with Citrus Flavours were exceptional.


Of course like a complete rebel (without a cause) that I am, I only though it apt to order coffee at a place that was most appropriate for afternoon tea…


So in my very many experiences when expectations and reality have been polar opposite, this was one of those times when I could’t be more pleasantly surprised. The Tasting room is definitely one of those place that will be visiting often. And I can’t wait to try everything on their menu. It was definitely a wonderful experience and I was most inspired.

When was the last time when your expectations and realty have been polar opposites??

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