How to :: Preparation For Festival Season…

With the end of Ganesh Utsav its time for the Navratri to start, Nine days of festivities.. of dance and music… And then comes Diwali…

But these nine days can also create a lot a stress. Preparing ahead of time and being on top of things is the only way to survive these nine days. I have been able to narrow down few small but significant things that can make life a little easy and help you look flawless with minimum effort..

  1. Build on the right foundation:

Getting the basics right is most important. Having the right foundation is a basic must-have, not just to know how it would behave in humid weatherr and harsh light but also because it can very easily make you look flawless and make you fell confident. If you already have the correct base to build on, you are on the right track…


For me the perfect match is Nars Sheer Glow… Its a medium to full coverage foundation but it does not cake up in humid conditions which is my biggest concern.

2. The Perfect Pout ::

A Red lip is the perfect accessory for any occasion. There are so many shades of the colour that there is the perfect shade all all skin types. Between the cool toned (blue undertones) to the warm tones (yellow undertones) its impossible to go wrong with a red lip.


I have a rather large collection of red lip colours. To me there is a certain sophistication to a perfect red lip.The best part about a red lip is that there is a shade of red that is perfectly suited for every occasion.

3. Powder Power ::

When in the height of all the fun you suddenly check your refection and find that your makeup is starting to look patchy only one product can help. There is no denying the power of powder. Finely milled powders don’t look caky and provide just enough of a blurring effect so as to make it look fresh.

powdersI have realised that I have to use a brush to apply/topup my powder. I cannot use the sponge that compacts come with or I start to look caky immediately. Its only when I use a dense brush what picks up enough power and apply lightly that I get the desired result of blurring/cancelling out imperfection that would otherwise start to show.

4. Nail It ::

I have realised that this is one step that a lot of people overlook.  Having your nails done for the festival season is one of the easiest ways to make or break a look. Neutrals are the best bet because they go with everything. And if your nails are professionally done they can survive all 9 days.


I have always opted for neutrals for any occasion. The idea of choosing neutrals is that the attention is not drawn away from the whole look but still compliments in the perfect way.

5. Rinse and Repeat ::

One of the most important steps that can very easily be missed is the removal of makeup. This can really create a lot of havoc for your skin. Its great to have the perfect skin for all to see but its most important to have the healthy habit to remove all the makeup off and let your skin breath and recover.


I love the camomile cleansers from The Body Shop. They are perfect in removing almost all traces of make up without being harsh. And the Camomile helps keep the skin calm. There is no better feeling than removing everything after a long day and just having a clean and calm canvas to work with for the next day.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

What are your tricks to preparing/surviving the festival season??

Please do leave your comments and don’t forget to follow…

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