On the 6th day of Navratri :: OOTD

While dropping little Miss Z off to school I cross a South Indian temple. On Friday on my way back I saw something unusual…

While standing at a traffic light I saw everyone was dressed in the colour green. There was every possible shade of green there. It came as such a surprise to me that I talk to my friends about it and they told me that there are different colours that are supposed to be worn for the nine days of Navratri.

When I google the same I actually found the whole idea curiously challenging… I wanted to participate too…

A little shop your closet can never do any harm…

So today is the 6th day of Navratri and the colour of the day is Orange…

orange 1

I had bought this Kurta (Tunic) a while ago from FabIndia. I always found myself not reaching for it because it was too bright.

orange 2

Today it felt like just the right thing to wear. Its bright and cheerful. And because it silk it has an amazing fall and fit.

orang 3 With such bright colours I could only wear very minimal makeup. So I opted for a deep red on the lips, nothing on the eyes and just a small black bindi.

Do you have specific days when you have to wear specific colours other than weddings??

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