How to :: Accessorises for the Festive Season

The biggest festival of India -Diwali will be here in a week. For those who are not from India Diwali is the festival of lights celebrating good over evil. There is a long story of Lord Rama coming back to his beloved kingdom but that story is for another day.

This is post about dressing up and looking good. I am never interested in ornate or very heavy Indian clothing. What I love is accessorising with jewellery. I have a few pieces that I have picked up from the street jewellers in Greater Kailash market like this blue beads one. The pearl necklace is from Forever21. A brand that never disappoints in the jewellery section and the red delicate beads are from Bhutan. My mother gifted them to me. DSC02079

Earrings can really enhance a very simple outfit. The turquoise ones are from Dilli Haat and I love pairing them with plain black, white or cream ensemble. The big pearl earrings are my ‘look at me’ earrings that very rarely come out but they always fetch a lot of compliments.The Kundan earrings are my most expensive semi precious jewellery I own because frankly I can’t be bothered to spend $4000 on the precious ones. They are one of my most loved possessions. The umbrella shaped jhumkis are my daily wear piece in the festival season. They are what i wear when I don’t have time to fuss around.


Bangles are a must with sarees  and I love teaming them with all my Indian Wear. These red bangles wit small multicoloured stones are my prized possession.  I did save them in my collection and didn’t wear them because they are so delicate I did not want to damage them. But i wear them often now. If you can’t enjoy your best things on occasion you may as well not have them. The pearl necklace is actually a head band from Forever21. I wear it as a necklace with Indian and dresses. Its always a conversation starter.


My watches are my everyday accessories. I am never without one. I like big dial watches, always have. I am the girl who is interested in the men’s section of the watches stores. The Burberry watch is a men’s watch and so is the Rado.


I have been trolling Pinterest and Instagram looking for inspiration to buy something this festive season. I would love to know your  Wishlist. Send me a link of what you love and also tell me which of my pieces are your favourite. Have a fantastic festive season with you family and friends. Lots of love!

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