Winter White :: Nails

A good french manicure can make any girl happy but going all out with white nails is something I have only seen recently. I loved it the first time I saw it.


I was not really prepared for how high maintenance white is. It took three rather thick coats to make it opaque and another 3 hours for it to dry. I tried the Lakme True Wear Colour Crush. I could not find a whiter polish that did not have any sheen or pearl like finish. It was the perfect flat white.

I have never really paid any attention to daily chores (things that become second nature) like I did because of white nails.. A small task like adding turmeric (haldi) while cooking was skipped entirely  (Unheard of in an Indian house).. and yes, it did get spoilt by the end of the third day.

I absolutely loved having flat white nails for the whole 72 hours that it lasted and I would gladly do it again…


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