Blogmas Day4 :: Friday Favourite Five

By the time the month of December starts I am way to excited and start buying ornaments and Christmasy things. Its a shame that we are still waiting for the winter season to begin. And there is nothing better than ornaments to really get you going…


I could not resist buying these cute ornaments from Accessorize. They are the cutest one I have seen this time and I cannot wait to put them up on the tree.


I have always been a studs kind of person. I feel that dangling earrings look too dressy on me. The ones that I have been reaching for most are these Autorickshaws. They are tiny but add just that little detail that makes on outfit.


Winters are all about cosy PJs and I have been loving these Minnie Mouse shorts. They are more entertaining to my daughter I assume but then who would not be amused by them.


Its almost scary to imagine how much of chocolate is sneaking its way into my life. And anyone who knows me knows that I have very little to no control with chocolate. So to compensate I have been trying to make more healthy choices when it comes to eating out. I know a pizza can be really appealing but a salad that looks like that and tastes like heaven is just as good.


Which brings me all the dates that my husband and I have been able to sneak-in in the past couple of weeks while my daughter is in Play group. Takes me back to the time when we were dating and that could not make me more happy…

I hope you are having just as much fun and laughter as I am…

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