Mommy Post :: Apps for toddlers

This is a mommy post. It is something I have been wanting to write for a while. As a mom I have always reached for my phone for all toddler problems although I do confess I did research every sneeze for the first six months as a mother.

Now its different. A toddler is not so easy to entertain. And I do take the help of some apps on my phone/ipad to keep her busy when cooking and cleaning is piling up.


One of the earliest apps I had downloaded for Miss Z was the Endless Alphabets from Originatorkids. At first I thought just the colours and sounds would be entertaining but I was really surprised how quickly she picked up alphabets. I have been using this app for a while now and I could not sing more praises for them.


Another app that I cannot stop recommending to all my friends is  Tocoboca. I came across this app when I was teaching Miss Z about brushing her teeth but this app came to my rescue when I wanted  to explain to her as to how she should behave at a birthday party. Its not the most easy situation for a child and one can never quite explain beforehand what to expect. With the birthday app I was able to show her everything and prepare her better for the party.

I know this is a surprise post for some but as a mom I find these posts useful and I hope I can help someone…

Also please so know that screen time must be maintained to a minimum for all children.



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