Friday Favourite Four

I can not believe there are 8 sleeps till Christmas and 14 sleeps till the New Year.

This week has been all about trying to be a little more present in the moment. When you can almost count all the days left in the year on your fingers, the moments seem that much more precious.

We have been spending a lot of time indoors.

thai curry

Its fun trying new cuisine in restaurants but I have been trying to experiment in the kitchen. This was the first time that I tried to make Thai Curry (not from scratch) at home. And for a first attempt it turned out OK.


I have also been teaching Miss Z some gardening. We have been taking care of this baby rose plant for a while and when she finally saw the flowers on it she was so excited that it made the moment all the more sweet.

bath time

Of course gardening usually leads straight itself to bath time. And now days its all about the bath toys. Colourful balls, buckets and mugs are all the rage right now and I end up just as soaked by the end of it.


And then there is reading time. I love how the roles have reversed here. Miss Z has been listening to  me read for so long that she knows most of her books by heart so she not only turns the pages but also tell me what the story is… all be it a little different every-time.

What were your highlights these last couple of days?? I would love to know in the comments below.

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