Work Work Work

Like anyone else I have a list of things that I want to achieve. Its everything to do with loosing weight, eating healthy to being a better person and making a difference in the world that I live in. There are a million such resolutions that I think I take every time I have an opportunity present itself.


This time I want more… For a while I have been letting go of a lot of things that I have wanted to do and wanted to have, compromising for people and circumstances. This year I am not going to compromise. I can already see a million excuses for not being able to get where I want to be… there are times when I have even told myself that its not my time and that I need to pull back for circumstances to get better. Its a silly excuse.

I have always believed that I am the only person that can make me happy. I am the one person who knows when a hug is just enough or I need someone to talk to or if I want to be alone.

I am taking control of my own destination and the path I take to get there.

So for 2016 my biggest and most important resolution is “ME”.


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