Food Baby :: OOTD

With the end of the long New Year weekend and the first Monday of the week I want to discuss a problem that most of us are facing… We all have small little Food Babies…

We all have these new shiny memberships to some crazy gym and/or have meal plans up our sleeves but till such time that we break our resolutions and wear our weight proud we need to hide them….


I have always opted to do 1 of 3 things or in this case all 3 things together…

  1. Wear good looking tracks… Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable and be adjusting them annoying buttons & zips in pants when there is a Food baby…
  2. Wear something thats fitted around the legs.. that gives the illusion of being thin
  3. Wear a colour/texture that hangs loosely on top… This basically will allow you to feed your food baby even more…:)


Hope you are having a wonderful first Monday to this year…






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