WishList Wednesday

I am on a shopping ban. Its a self-imposed(read-inflicted) ban. I hate it but I am moving soon so it only makes sense to hold all splurges till then.  But what is actually happening now is that I have been spending even more time on Amazon.in. I thought I would share some some recent finds…

  1. Wall Chalk BoardWith the move on my mind I have been thinking a lot about being organised. Its not easy being on top of everyones schedules. Also I want to start meal planning. As a visual person I feel the need to have everything written down so a big chalk board can easily become my best friend. I am sure part of it will be hijacked by my 3yr old but then again a chalk board is better than crayons on a white wall. This is the best one I have found so far.


Kate somerville

2.  Another thing that I feel I will be needing while moving will be a good hydrating moisturizer. I have been eyeing the Kate Somerville Nourish Daily one for a long time but after reading Caroline Hirons’ blog I am even more convinced that I need it in my life.





3. Now whats wrong with a little bit of craziness when it comes to Wishlist. I have been into makeup for a long time now and I don’t get impressed with products easily. But there are some things that just are too good to resist. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit pallet is one of those products.

But when I saw the price of this one pallet I knew that its just one of those products that looks good on a Wishlist. Not sure I would fork out 21K for Ambient Lighting. I would call an electrician to fix that and even he would take less than that.

What have you been lusting over?? I would love to know.

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