Friday Favourite Five

Its been a while I have shared my weeks favourites. A lot has been happening…

  1. My little Miss Z is now ready for proper school. Well she is ready for Nursery. I still cannot believe that its been almost 2 and a half years since we had her. She surprises me everyday.ff2_Fotor
  2. Also we have beens spending a lot of time colouring everything we can get our hands on. One of her many masterpieces…ff1_Fotor
  3. I have been trying to reduce sugar in my life. Honestly if someone put any kind of chocolate in front of me I still can’t control myself but slowly I know I will get there.ff3_Fotor
  4.  We are moving.I am thinking about sharing the whole process over but as of now its just bittersweet. ff4_Fotor
  5. Wonderlust.ff5_Fotor


PS : Anyone notice that I am posting this on Sunday and not Friday…






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