7 Things I Have Learnt While Moving Last Month

As a child I moved a lot. My parents always made it look easy. Also I am the kind of person who likes to travel and see new places and make new friends.. So moving at least for the most part was fun.

Last month I moved from 1 rented place to another. When it comes to moving with a toddler and 3 dogs its not so simple. Here is what I have learnt.

  1. Move in 1 day :: I had been trying to convince the Mr. that we should take our time while moving. Maybe move room by room. And settle everything along the way. Bad Idea!! I now know that moving in one day it the best way to do it. Its almost comparable to ripping a band aid but thats the only way to do it. Settling can keep happening later.
  2. Label the heck out of the boxes :: We have a huge collection of books and DVDs. We had designated rooms for the same. But because some of the boxes were not labeled correctly they when to the wrong room. That basically meant that multiple times piles of very heavy books and DVDs had to be carried from the said wrong room to the right one.
  3. Pack a bag like you are going camping :: While a camping trip can sound like a lot of fun, the stuff one packs for it is way different from a normal trip. I mean blankets, bedsheets, torches, mosquito repellent, etc etc. Sounds funny right…well think again. Its a new house, if anything you don’t really know where the light switches are so a torch is handy. God knows there the blankets and bedsheets are…good thing you packed some. Do all the windows close properly?? if not then mosquitos will definitely have a feast.Pack
  4. Hydrate :: I mean water, serums, hand cream, foot cream, body oils, baby oils… basically anything that can hydrate keep it close and use it as much as possible. The 2 that really helped me this time round were the Lotus Oil from Clarins and Aqualia Therm from Vichy.Hydrate
  5. Toddlers and Moving :: 2 yr olds are not the easiest to appease. So go easy on your self and them. If they ask for a little more screen time give in… for both of your sakes… things go back to normal in no time.
  6. Dogs and Moving :: Just like children dogs also feel very displaced.No familiar sights sounds and smells. I had not washed the dog beds for a week before we moved and let them use it for a few days just so they could understand that the new house was home now.

Most importantly find “The New Normal “. Remember that nothing will feel normal for a while. There is a new normal that needs to be found and defined for the most part. It takes a while for a house to become home so give it its due.



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