Coping With Mondays

Every Sunday night I feel like I have been hit by a ton of bricks. Monday just creeps up and takes me by surprise and I start to get flustered with all that should have been done.

I have only now realised that I can never be prepared enough for Monday. But I have found the best way to cope with the whole situation.


Adult Colouring Books are all the rage right now and for a reason. In some articles I have read, colouring is almost the same as meditation.

What I really enjoy about Adult colouring books is that

  1. I don’t reach for my phone or any other 2screen while I am colouring.
  2. I find I have rediscovered my love for stationary, something I really missed since I left school.
  3. Quite time like this makes me calm and helps with me feeling less anxious for the week ahead.

Do you also feel the Monday Blues on Sunday night?? How do you cope??



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