Thingism Down the Planning Hole

I am a Youtube addict. I love watching snippets of people’s lives. Its my way of escapism.

After moving house recently I found myself looking for some inspiration/ideas to organise. And before I knew it I was watching planner/organiser videos with all the Washi Tapes and stickers. It really felt like I had suddenly dropped into the planner/organiser hole like Alice did the Rabbit Hole.

Then I came across the Bullet Journal community. I suddenly felt excited. I felt like this is something I could actually do. I have always been like Mr. Rabbit… always checking the clock… always worried about being late..always playing catchup. But suddenly I felt like Alice… curious.. wanting to explore…


The bulletjournal web site is the most wonderful resource for anyone who wants to actually learn the system and implement it. Ryder Carroll is the inventor of the system and has this video to explain the system.

Before I go any further I must say I am not the best with sticking with something. I am easily distracted and not one to fully follow through with an idea and execute it.

So in true Bullet Journal style my word for the month of April is “CONSISTENCY”.

And as part of the first month of me trying this system I have::

The calendar on 1 page :: I don’t really need a lot of space to write for each day.


Week on a page ::


A Quotes Page :: to keep me motivated



And as part of the BulletJournal community I am also participating in the Instagram #PLANWITHMECHALLENGE hosted by Kara at @bohoberry, Jessica @prettyprintsandpaper and Kim @tinyrayofsunshine.


How do you organise? Do you have your own system?? Do you follow any??

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