Statement Lips :: Red

As a mother I usually have very little time to get ready. I feel like the prep for going out is more about packing enough snacks etc than it is about looking at myself in the mirror.

One of the easiest ways to fix this lack of time and effort (sometimes) is a bold lip.

A red lip is one of the easiest way to make a statement. I have tried many a red lip and have finally found my favourites.

The Soft Matt Lip Cremes from Nyx is one of my favourite formulas for lipsticks. And the colour Amsterdam is a beautiful pink tone red that is very flattering.

1 rr

This is a very wearable colour just as a stain or as a full application lip. I have also found that this shade suits a lot of my friends some with very different skin tones.



Another colour that I really enjoy is Pure Brick from L’Oreal. This is a very dark lip colour. Its more orangey and is very intensely pigmented.



For me this is a very daring option. I don’t really reach for this colour very often but when ever I do I feel very confident and on top of my game.

As someone who is very new to beauty I feel like I have definitely found that a bold lip can go a long way in making a statement and is very easy to execute if you can find the right shade for yourself.


Do you have a statement lip colour that you reach for when you have very little time??    I would love to know…

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