Missing a match :: OOTD

With a toddler attached at the hip wearing a saree is not the most practical option anymore. However they have always been a favourite and I miss wearing them a lot.

Recently with the festival season coming I reached for the most unused part of my wardrobe and did an inventory check. While I could not find some matching pieces I was most pleased to be able to mix and match with what I had.


Traditionally most sarees come with their own blouse piece and the two as supposed to be worn together but while I did find the blouse for this saree I thought that the whole look was very boring and needed some colour/contrast.

Cotton and Silk are the material I always reach for when it comes to sarees. They are flexible and very breathable. Comfort is one of the top priorities here.


I have always been very minimal when it comes to accessories when I wear sarees. But this time it was all about breaking all the rules so I did try a huge bindi and loved it.


After all this time I am so glad I revisited my saree collection and I have fallen head over heels i love with all them again. I can’t wait to style them all.

What is the most unused part of your wardrobe?

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