For the love of :: Shoes

There is a lot of Black Friday / Cyber Monday chatter on all my social media streams. I have clicked on a few and looked around a little.. Problem is that there is a very heavy shipping/duties charge when it comes to actual purchase. This was very upsetting. However I noticed I was adding mainly shoes to my cart and specifically Nude shoes…

I have a lot of nude shoes already. For this post I am sharing a few of my favourites

  1. This beautiful open toe with mixed metal is one for the summer months. I love wearing this pair with shorts. I feel like the silver makes for a nice detail to add to any summer outfit and also elongates the legs just a little bit without being very tortuous on the feet while on long walks.1
  2.  Formal dinner are always very difficult to dress for. I have always found it difficult to find the balance between being over dressed or completely casual. So now I have started dressing up with a pair of shoes in mind and my go-to pair is this. Perfect in hight and comfortable enough to stand in for long hours or small talk.2
  3. Closed toe pumps are a must in my opinion but a nude pair can go a mile and a half. These shoes are the kind that one can just put on with any outfit for any occasion and they look perfect. 3
  4. Open back shoes are very high maintenance in my opinion. I feel like my ankles can get very dry very easily so open back shoes are a tough choice. But when I saw this pair I knew I was ready to go the extra mile. Just a hint of gold makes for exactly the kind of detail that is perfect for an already heavy outfit.4
  5.   Mommy friendly shoes are a thing for all first time moms. I love a good pencil heel but when I know I may have to keep up with a toddler I straight go for the block heel. This pair has just the right amount of hight to be able to run around in and also are so comfortable enough that I can spend hours in them.5

Do you have a favourite colour when it comes to shoe??

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