Milestones and then some…

With only 10 some days for 2017 to begin this time of the year is usually spent looking back. Its not the most pleasant of experiences. I usually end up asking myself questions like “why did you not follow up on that idea?” Why did you not try harder?” “why are you not closer to that thing you wanted to achieve?”… Its not pleasant.

I have so many such unanswered questions going through my mind that it almost feels physically uncomfortable.

While I was going through this rollercoaster of emotions I was pleasantly pinged by my phone with this message…


This is a generic message that all bloggers receive but somehow the timing of receiving this message was very unique. I was really struck by all the memories that I had captured here.

There are some very real and hardcore target that we set for ourselves. A new year is one of the top reasons to make some real and some unreal goals to achieve. There are some of us who will have a word for the year and some of us will be driven by numbers.

The mistakes that I made this year was that I was not time bound. I wanted to do so much but I did not have any deadline. If there is only one thing I will do differently I would put a deadline to reach a certain goal.

What would you do differently??

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