The Value of Money :: Parenting

Money is a very taboo subject. We have from an early age been taught that it’s not right to talk about it. And it just makes us all uncomfortable. I really did not want that to be the case for Miss Z.

Just like we talk about being safe and what to do if Miss Z were lost or helping someone who maybe differently abled I think that money is a subject that should be talked about.


One of the first gifts that Miss Z got was a piggy bank. And it was one of her favourite toy. While grabbing and sticking coins in the slot was great ‘milestone’ I knew then that I wanted for her to understand the value of money early on.  I had already made a bank account the day she got her birth certificate.

On her 3rd birthday like any threenager would she asked for a cycle… a red grown up cycle. She was ready to be able to ride one in terms of height and weight. That’s when I told her that she needed to collect money and save it so that she could get it for herself.

After multiple conversations she sort of understood the meaning of buying. She understood that she had to give money for something she wants to own.

From then on every time she saw a coin she knew that she had to put it in her piggy bank.

By the time her birthday came she was no where close to having enough money but when we told her that we are going to buy her cycle she knew immediately that she had to give the money from her piggy bank for it. I knew then that all the effort put in had paid off.

Have you taught your child the value of money?? At what age??

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