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Over the last 3 years of parenting I have realised that there are somethings that need to be done on the daily. Picking up after a toddler every night, remembering the small  happenings from the day to share with the extended family and so much more… there are those that we dread and want to forget and then there are those that we just don’t want to miss.

Reading is a very important activity in my house. We all spend hours pouring hours over books and enjoy every minute of it. But what I especially enjoy is reading at night.


The Mog series is one of those books that immediately caught my attention because I was reminded of Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2015. I knew then that I had to get all (most) of the books in this series.

While I was reading more about the Mog Series online I came across the author Oliver Jeffers. I was instantly pulled towards the illustrations. I know that I wanted to get some of his books too.


Also while I was researching all these books there were many more recommendations that popped up. I could not have possibly got all of them but the ones that we really enjoy reading are Dear Left Sock, I’m with Silly, and The Paper Dolls that is if we don’t already fall asleep before we finish the rest.


I absolutely love reading all these books every night and somehow enjoy them even more having read them so many times.

What book did you read last??



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