Loving :: Innisfree

Skincare is a very big part of my day everyday. Its almost therapeutic for me to have that little bit of time in the day to myself where I look after myself and feel refreshed. Although I have a lot of steps from cleansers to oils or what my husband likes to call them Lotions to portions  I have noticed one brand that has slowly been creeping into my routine.

Korean beauty has taken over the way a lot of people look at beauty products and habits in the recent past. I have always been fearful of trying anything new because my skin has a personality of its own and for the most part its irritated. Innisfree is one of those brands that kept popping up as safe even for very sensitive skin.


I bought the Gardenia Hand Cream (cheaper in-store than online) because it smells amazing and also is very moisturising without the sticky feeling. What surprised me was that the smell lasts on the hands for hours. The Hand Cream from Innisfree are a must try.

I also bought the Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam. I was very skeptical about how my skin would react to this. I don’t like very abrasive scrubs for exfoliation because I think they are extremely harsh and do more damage than good. But this scrub is more foam than scrub and does an excellent job at cleaning. It does not leave the skin dry or red from the scrubbing. Having used it for over a month I feel like this is becoming a staple in my beauty routine.

Have you tried any new products lately ??  Do you use any Innisfree products?? I would love some advice on what to use next…







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