Outfits of the Week :: OOTW

If there is one thing that I have understood in the past 3 years of motherhood I know that not a single day is the same. On same days life is perfect and on other days its all a struggle. One of the things that I really struggle with is getting ready in the morning. I always feel like I compromise on something or the other and mostly it is the time that I need to get ready and pick an outfit.

This past week however I made it a mission to get up early enough to give myself enough time.

OOTD 1 ::

Every Sunday night I am very good with  picking out an outfit for Monday morning. And said Sunday I was in the mood for Black And White.

This is an easy option and it is now hot here in Mumbai so I can easily wear my Summer dresses.

Outfit 2 ::

On the days that I have no time to shave or for that matter moisturise I straight go for the Kurta and Pyjama combinations. This being a beautiful flowery print with greens and yellows, I felt like I was ready for Spring.

Outfit 3 ::

Ripped Jeans are one of my favourite kind of jeans to wear. And a light weight top to go along was the perfect fail safe combination when one has a school bus to catch.

For a 5 day week I was able to get 3 days done.

And for those wondering where my shoes went well I wore my Sketchers on all days.

How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning??

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