Get to know me ?!

Hate is very strong word. I use it very sparingly. However we all know what it feels like when something happens and it makes your stomach churn.I have a few that I see happen every day…. Although it may seem like a very odd topic but I think its a way of you getting to know me better. So here are 4 of my pet peeves



piles of cloths

Doing laundry is one of the most boring and thankless jobs. Its always pending and never ending. Thanks to technology cloths can be washed with the press of a few buttons but its when I have to sort, fold and keep everything back that I feel like I am wasting a very valuable part of my life that I can spend watching paint dry. Yes thats how much I loath putting laundry away.



tube cap pet peev

Tubes are very good at keeping products hygienic. They are also very useful when it comes to portion control as compared to pumps. What bothers me is when that same product starts to collect around the tube hole and around the top. The whole purpose of of having the tube is defeated completely. Now I know that its the simplest thing to just wipe the top clean after every use. What about when you accidentally press the tube and a little squeezes out anyway.


Ink Smears

I was not aware of it till is Googled it but this third one has a name of itself. Ghost­ing is the effect of pens shin­ing through to the reverse side of the paper. Some­times sev­ere (you are able to read the text from the back side of the paper) and some­times just a lit­tle bit (like a shadow of the print on the other side). This happens more often with Ink Pen that I do use regularly. Although I have made peace with it I still on occasion feel like starting all over again.


before and after

We have all seen ‘before and after’ pictures somewhere or the other. There are the typical weight loss pictures or the make over ones. As much as I want to believe that in the before picture the said person is sad I do not understand why can the person taking the picture not ask the subject to smile. This is especially the case with the beauty industry.

There are so many more that I can think off but I would definitely like to hear what are your pet peeves?

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