Bullet Journal Day :: 08.08.2017

Like most of us I came across the Bullet Journal System through Boho Berry. When I saw it for the first time I was already deep inside the planner community bubble on the internet. A planner system was just what I needed to organise my life and my time. What really resonated with me while researching the BUJO system was the idea of creativity. There was space to move around, space to change things, space to make your own. And if you felt like a little bit of change was needed to be able to excel and grow then the system was flexible enough to change as per your needs.

I started my Bullet Journal in the month of March 2016


I chose a note book and took the plunge. Of course I was convinced that I was already an expert having seen all the videos under the sun about bullet journaling. I was just being a snob really convinced that I am an adult and can do everything. I crashed. I crashed really hard. I realised that for some reason could not even write numbers in the right order.I was embarrassed. I could not write a whole page leave alone I could do that in cursive before. I could not draw a straight line to save my life and my spellings were beyond my own understanding.

I did not stick to it. I used to get excited at the beginning of every month but with a few mistakes I would just completely give up and wait for another month to start.

Then came the beginning of the new year and I started a new note book. I knew that I really liked the system and I wanted to stick with it. I planned it all out with the index , goals and future log. It felt new and exciting again. This time I cheated the system a little. I did make the lists on the daily but I made sure I put some tasks there that I knew would be done anyway like putting the laundry away, etc. This made me more excited because I wanted to tick something off the list daily.

I will be honest, I did not write in it everyday. On some days i still find it difficult to make time and stick to a plan. But i have also realised that I am now more dependent on the journal and I more organized.

thingism bullet journal

Here are 4 ways in which the bullet journal has changed my life ::

  1. Prioritizing :: Before starting on the system I was always starting projects left right and center. Before I could finish something I used to move on to the next big idea. This way I was always doing doing doing but never really completing/ achieving anything. Now I prioritise tasks and finish projects before i start anything. Writing everyday is one of the best ways to hold myself accountable.
  2. Time management :: I used to work on something for about 15 maybe 20 minutes and then had to give it up because of something else that needed my attention. after writing down my list of priorities I was able to dedicate a specific amount of time and a specific time of day to finish every task. This also made me a better worker because I was finally doing more in less time with out getting distracted.
  3. Mistakes are OK :: This was a really big one for me. I used to make a few mistakes and give up. I found it very difficult to focus any further and just kept thinking of ways to hide them. This was the snob in me that thought that I already knew everything. I had to force myself on some days to ignore any mistakes. Washi tape became my best friend. Now after all these months I have finally been able to accept that i make mistakes and its Ok to make them. What is more important is to move forward.
  4. Self love :: now that I have become more regular with my journal I know that I need to spend a certain amount of time everyday alone planning my day. I treasure this time by myself. I don’t feel so tired and drained anymore because I know that all the million of thoughts that I have in my head have a place to go. this makes me appreciate my me time more and also helps me focus better on the things that i want to achieve first.

While I used to keep everything nicely tucked away in my brain before I have now realised that there is real magic to putting pen to paper. And more importantly I can finally stop wishing for things to happen and actually work and make them happen.

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