Ink Pen Revival

One of the side effects of using the bullet journal is that I don’t look at the screen to organise any more. Before the bullet journal was part of my daily routine I was relying on google calendar , ever-note, any do and so many more apps to organise. All these were absolutely fabulously and I still do depend on them for some tasks, digital records and event reminders. I however find that the bullet journal has made me want to write every little aspect down. The idea of not looking at the screen feels like detox.


There is a real nostalgia when it comes to writing with pens for me. As a student I was allowed a new ink pen at the beginning of every school year.  The act of writing is comforting and mostly therapeutic. Using a pen feels like such a luxury now with the rituals of filling it with ink and making sure that there are no smears.

I do remember as a child I used to hate making any mistakes while writing any exam papers because the mistakes would show but now as a grown up I find myself accepting mistakes and moving on without a flinch. Of course another aspect of having used digital for a while has led to me not knowing any spellings. I second guess what I have written all the time now.

Also the act of writing is also very different from typing because every word is different and one has to think how every letter connects to make the word where as typing is all about pressing the same keys over and over again to make the different words.

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