Restore :: Michael Kors

I had last written about my bag 2 years back. While I had made the purchase I was very clear that I did not want an everyday bag that needed a lot of maintaining. I was also looking for material that is durable.

The monsoons here wreck havoc on most materials and my bag was also looking worst for wear.



I used a soft cloth & mild soap and wiped the exteriors of the bag. Once the bag was clean. I patted it dry and it was almost as good as new.


Before I invested in this bag I was using the usual bags from fast fashion companies. Those bags lasted about 5 maybe 6 months. I have now had this bag for 2 years and have not bought another bag of the same size since then.

There are 3 big factors that one needs to keep in mind before investing in a bag.  They are ::

  1. Purpose/ Style of bag :: If the purpose of a bag is very clear then it becomes very easy to choose a style and also one can get a lot of wear out of the bag. For example I would choose a backpack style bag if being hands free is a big criteria for me. I also knew that I wanted a bag with lots of packets so that I could keep in organised at all times.
  2. Material :: To me the material that the bag is made with is very important. I am not very gentle with my bags. I don’t like to worry about where I am keeping the bag. So canvas bags are the best for that and also good quality faux bags are also very important.
  3. Quality :: The true test for any bag especially one that is an investment piece is the quality of stitching or however it is that the bag is put together. I have always paid very close attention to the stitching of the bag and more so when it comes to straps and buckles. Those are the weakest part on a bag and if not made well then they tear first.

What was your last investment piece??



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